Demo management systems and electronic identification

Tuesday May 29 and June 5th


AgriSyst represented on “Demo management systems en electronic identification (RFID), Belgium”


Pig farmers must constantly try to improve their performance. As a result, more and more data is kept and used to focus on improvement. Today modern management systems are almost indispensable for structuring and organizing our data. In order to collect even more data, new techniques are introduced on the market such as entering data in the barn on a reader or smart phone. The technique of recording pigs with an electronic ear tag from birth to slaughter offers enormous possibilities to further optimize the business operations.



That is why the “Proef- en Vormingscentrum” for Agriculture and “Inagro” organize two demo days to introduce to pig farmers and periphery these techniques.


De demo days will be held on Tuesday May 29 at “Inagro”, Roeselare Belgium and June 5th at “PVL”, Bocholt Belgium.


For more information please contact AgriSyst.