Since we tag and track piglets individually, it is a pleasure to walk through the barn!


This Pig farmer keeps his piglets, sows and finishers at several locations. Five years ago he started using RFID (electronic) ear tags. All animals have a unique electronic number, which can be read anytime and anywhere with a handheld reader. Actually it was thought that this method would become common in the short term, but he appears to be one of the early adapters. Full of enthusiasm he tells about it.

Curious about the experiences of his pig farmer?

At birth, all piglets receive an electronic ear tag, which are electronically connected to the litter. In this way, the piglet is automatically linked to the father and mother and we can make as many analyses as possible later on in the process. First our goal was to trace the 10% of animals which yield the least at slaughter. With this important information I had the opportunity to heavily reduce the failure costs in my farms. Once that group was in the picture, we successfully adjusted management, within the possibilities that existed.


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