AgriSyst awarded for their PigExpert app


PigExpert app impresses with volume and quality of data

AgriSyst’s PigExpert app, joint runner-up in the New Product Award, impressed the judges with the volume of data it collects, how it allows producers to customise their data and the ease and accuracy of the process.

The Dutch company describes the app as a ‘complete programme’ for recording sow, rearing, piglet and finisher data. It can be used via a mobile device and in combination with RFID (radio-frequency identification) and a barcode scanner.

AgriSyst CEO Marc Cox explained that the aim was to be able to register everything on the farm as a ‘unique event’, rather than just record ‘main events’, such as breeding, farrowing and weaning. That meant ‘having a mobile device in the barn’, with the potential for every pig to be individually electronically tagged.

“Our product is differentiated from others because you are able to register more information. And it is easy to use, fast and adaptable for the user,” he said.

Judges’ view: Mr Williams said: “AgriSyst’s PigExpert is innovative in that it allows the user to customise what data they collect, speed up the input and increase accuracy with collection using your mobile phone, from farrow to finish. Recording information is as easy as ordering a takeaway in an online app.”



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