AgriSyst Academy

As a manager of production processes in pig farming, you strive for advanced automation of processes using data management. Your goal is to gain direct insight into barn activities and proactively identify any deviations. You seek not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical tools to act and control quickly, with the ultimate goal of improving results. We will personally guide and advise you in optimising your work processes with data.

In our interactive sessions, held in small groups, we will spend four days on the topic of data management. Together, we will work on strengthening your ability to improve barn processes by using data effectively.

What are you going to learn?

  • How to ask the right questions when viewing PigExpert data.
  • How to use data to get the right analyses.
  • How to properly manage your work processes by monitoring data.
  • How to read a benchmark and which questions to ask based on this.
  • How to make optimal use of benchmarking to improve your process results.
  • How to read a deviation and when a deviation is important.
  • How to distinguish a biological deviation from a deviation caused by human influence.
  • How to perform tests in your production process.

Very informative, a new perspective on analysis and what is possible.

- Jan Oosterveld

The Academy will be taught by Marc Cox

    Marc worked in the pig industry for many years and saw great potential in data management. Together with his colleagues, he founded AgriSyst in 2008 and continues to innovate for pig farmers to this day.

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    This is what the participants say:

    Heike Lührs

    These two days were very helpful for me because I got a different perspective on the evaluations and I realised that I need to define my goals better in order to become more effective and be able to react more quickly.

    André Sternadel

    It was 2 instructive days, I now understand the system better, good advice, I liked the lecture on the first evening very much, this fitted in very well with the day.

    Katharina Kornman

    Very competent, dedicated, direct, informative, solution-oriented, very friendly and level-headed.