Benchmark - vital for a future-oriented pig farming

What should a good benchmark meet?

Fortunately, among many Dutch pig farmers there is a willingness to share data with each other anonymously. As a result, we as AgriSyst are able to offer our clients an objective and transparent benchmark. An important criteria for a good benchmark is that the data that is used is representative and has been constructed in an identical way. That is why the AgriSyst benchmark is built on the basis of raw data from companies in the sector and all data from a total of more than 500,000 Dutch sows are processed in an identical manner. All information about the animals of affiliated pig farmers are loaded in one database. What the benchmark makes visible is based on all raw data from these companies, not company averages. The numbers are not edited but presented as they are. And as soon as a new pig farm is added, data from the past will also be added.

What can you do as a company with a benchmark?

The first thing that yields a benchmark is an objective picture of your relative position; do you belong to the best or at the bottom? In addition, the benchmark gives you a clear picture of your own performance and your strengths and weaknesses. Because the benchmark also gives you insight into the performance of others, you can also look at what others are performing, instead of looking at yourself. This gives you the opportunity to focus first on the points where you can make the most profit.

Working towards a realistic goal

The AgriSyst benchmark takes place at many production levels, down to the level of detail. For example, do you want to look further than just an improvement on the number of piglets per sow per year? Then you can go into details by looking at the performance per roll number; how is the first throw relative to the second and third? This way you set the benchmark as a powerful tool. Compare it to a report in high school; not everyone is equally good at everything. By looking at individual indicators of your own and other companies, you can work towards a realistic potential for a prefix.

Insight into historical development

Our sector is known for everyone performing better over time. That is why it makes little sense to see whether you perform better this year than last year, as everyone already does. It would be better to investigate whether your company has changed more or less. Suppose you are working on increasing the chance of survival of your piglets and you see improvement in this. Does it also improve compared to other companies? The AgriSyst benchmark provides insight into the developments over time; the relative position of the moment, but also that of last year, or five years ago. You get, as it were, a historical perspective of your development in relation to others.

Use the benchmark for a healthy future

You do not have to do a benchmark too often but on a regular basis on the basis of the most current data. The AgriSyst benchmark is issued quarterly and this ensures that you play on the ball. The benchmark holds a mirror for you. By discussing these with the most important people within and around your company, you can set up an improvement plan for the coming months. In this way you are able to continue to do business in a future-oriented way.