AgriSyst ConsultantMonitor

AgriSyst Consultant Monitor offers

  • Fully automated data transfer from almost any herd management system globally
  • Weekly Multi Site Reporting (MSR) showing key performance indicators and values requiring attention of all connected farms together in one clear overview. This way you are able to monitor performance of customers farms continously
  • Consultant reports: weekly quick scan per farm, showing Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Quarterly benchmark report from a large global database of data from relevant farms enable pig producers and their advisors to compare production performance trands up to individual cycle level. Farmers and advisord can determine action plans for the upcomming period from strengths and weaknesses shown in report
  • Extremely flexible and deep analyses of customer production data
  • Tailor made data solutions to suit your specific needs

Return on data

  • From now onwards you can monitor customer production easily, based on real-time key performance indicators
  • You will easily recognise weak spots and identify actions needed, wich makes you obtain added value from data