AgriSyst FeedConversion Monitor

What is the AgriSyst FeedConversion Monitor?

Automatically follow the growth and feed conversion of the pigs, who wouldn't want that?

Follow the weights of your pigs every day, every week.

Immediate insight into the growth and feed conversion of the pigs.


This allows you to make adjustments at the right time, which creates optimal growth and stable feed conversion.


The current situation is that most producers lack concrete measuring points in the process of growing an animal, other than the daily image of the barn acquired by routine checks. In fact, in most cases the pigs have already been slaughtered, after which, by means of periodic results it is determined whether the process has gone well or not. This is historical data at best and not management information. Concretely, this means that of the animals that are weaned, at the earliest six months later there is an image of the performance based on averages, while the return lies in the anomalies and reducing removal costs.


MS PigScale

The MS PigScale is a freestanding and mobile scale for automatic weighing of fattening pigs or piglets. The whole day the pigs themselves walk back and forth on the scales and through a reliable system the growth data of the animals are tracked daily. Because you have dozens of measuring points per day, you get a very reliable image of the average weight and growth per day. The system works automatically and completely independently; you put the MS PigScale in the pen, connect the power and the data flows into your own online dashboard. In this way you have daily insight into the growth of your pigs and you can make any necessary adjustments.



The AgriSyst Feed Conversion Monitor relieves pig farmers by automatically collection and processing of growth and feed data from various systems available in the market, including feed costs if desired. By linking automatic weighing systems to the data of the many different Computer-controlled feeding systems and possibly also raw material costs the pig farmer, without any additional work and cost, gets continuous insights about the feed intake, growth  and feed conversion. This gives the producer daily and weekly concrete steering information, to correct deviations in a timely manner. Based on the knowledge and experience of AgriSyst, the data is automatically validated, from which valuable remarks are generated. By collecting additional data, a benchmark based on their own genetics, barn and feed types can be created. In combination with practical reporting, tailored to the wishes of the producer, they have a valuable steering tool in their hands.



AgriSyst achieves more return from data for entrepreneurs in pig farming by means of services, data solutions and software. In the field of customer orientation and innovation, AgriSyst wants to be the preferred data solution provider in Northwest Europe now and in the future. By working together with AgriSyst, pork producers and the periphery can achieve simpler, better and faster data collection and make more informed management decisions based on our services that lead to better results.