PigExpert: The app for all pig-related data - from gilts to finishing pigs

Optimise your pig production with PigExpert. The app for efficient mobile recording on your smartphone. The most important analyses are sent to you automatically so that you always have an overview of your farm and can react quickly to anomalies. 

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PigExpert - the advantages

  • Extremely quick and easy input
  • Flexibly customisable evaluations
  • Easy data exchange with partners (veterinarian or breeding and feed consultants)
  • From gilts to fattening pigs
  • AgriSyst BenchmarkMonitor once a quarter for sows, weaners and finishers
  • External data backup
  • Easy to get started by transferring data from your current sow planner
  • Fast, personal telephone support from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m GMT+1.

 Fast. Flexible. Effective.

PigExpert processes large amounts of data effortlessly and provides you with all the important information in clear dashboards and reports. This allows you to keep an overview of your farm's performance and make the right adjustments at any time.


Customisation for every operation:

PigExpert is set up to suit your farm and your operational processes. This means that data entry and analyses are perfectly integrated into your rhythm. PigExpert is the first choice for farms with a multi-week rhythm or workflows that deviate from the standard.


Maximum flexibility and efficiency:

In PigExpert, all pig-related data can be recorded on the move in the barn or on the computer in the office. You don't even need the internet in the barn. From gilts to finishers. You can also create customised economic analyses - right up to full cost accounting.

BenchmarkMonitor included:

Benefit from regular benchmarking. Where does your farm stand in comparison to the other farms in the database? See at a glance where opportunities and potential for improvement lie on your farm. 

Sows: In comparison with other farms, it quickly and easily becomes clear whether the potential for improvement lies more in the 1st or 2nd/3rd litter. Perhaps also in the days lost? Each day of loss costs €3.
Piglet rearing and fattening: Where do you rank in terms of feed conversion, feed costs per kilogramme gain or purchase prices compared to the market? Where you perform worst in comparison is where your potential is greatest.

Everything in one programme

PigExpert combines the functions of the sow andfinisher app in one programme.

Benefit from intuitive operation and a clear visualisation of all relevant data

Relevant data - from the gilt to the sold finishing pig.

Wide range of functions

Wide range of functions

  •  Animal data recording: Record all relevant data of your pigs, from birth to slaughter, in one place - optionally this is even possible on an individual animal basis with RFID ear tags
  • Powerful health monitoring: Track the health of your animals and recognise diseases at an early stage so that you can take proactive action
  • Efficient feed management: Optimise your feeding strategy to reduce feed costs and improve animal health
  • Detailed herd analyses: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your herd and make data-based decisions
  • Benchmarking: Compare your performance with other PigExpert users and learn from the best

What our customers say

Stephan Knapen

“Actually, I don’t want to spend more time than necessary behind my computer”, says Stephan Knapen, pig farmer in Nederweert (NL). That’s why the decision to start with PigExpert was made within seconds: “It’s just very easy to operate! Also, it provides us with much more valuable and clear analyses compared to the other existing programs on the market. Thanks to PigExpert and the analyses of AgriSyst, I am able to find the weakest spot in my farm very easily.”

Maartin van der Velden

“PigExpert saves a lot of labour because we can do the data entry directly from within the barn.”, says Maartin van der Velden, pig producer in the Netherlands and Germany. “Requests and problems are resolved quickly. One word is enough, because AgriSyst has very practical people from within the pig industry.”

Diederik Nijenhuis

“PigExpert perfectly follows our working routines”, says Diederik Nijenhuis. “The system offers fast and easy data entry. Data entry and reporting are very fl exible, which enables us to adjust the system settings according to our own needs and demands. And the latter is crucial for us: a production management system has to be supporting and following, not leading.”

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