PigExpert offers

PigExpert is developed to do quick and easy large volumes of data entry.

It s a complete software solution from farrow to finish including rearing within one program/license.

Avalable as desktop, server or as cloud solution, complete integrated with the mobile App for data entry on a phone, tablet or rugged handheld.

Extended, flexible and real-time reporting from technical and financial production performance.

Data exchange with breeding organisations, grouphousing feeders, slaghterhouse and invoicing.



Return on data

  • Extreme fast data entry by shortcuts and flexible entry fields
  • App for mobile data entry in combination with LF or UHF RFID tags as well as barcode, without a network or wifi connection
  • Flexible reporting and data analyses tailormade while making the reports
  • Remotly data entry and analyses, with multiple users in a network

This is what farmers say:

Stephan Knapen

“Actually, I don’t want to spend more time than necessary behind my computer”, says Stephan Knapen, pig farmer in Nederweert (NL). That’s why the decision to start with PigExpert was made within seconds: “It’s just very easy to operate! Also, it provides us with much more valuable and clear analyses compared to the other existing programs on the market. Thanks to PigExpert and the analyses of AgriSyst, I am able to find the weakest spot in my farm very easily.”

Maartin van der Velden

“PigExpert saves a lot of labour because we can do the data entry directly from within the barn.”, says Maartin van der Velden, pig producer in the Netherlands and Germany. “Requests and problems are resolved quickly. One word is enough, because AgriSyst has very practical people from within the pig industry.”

Diederik Nijenhuis

“PigExpert perfectly follows our working routines”, says Diederik Nijenhuis. “The system offers fast and easy data entry. Data entry and reporting are very fl exible, which enables us to adjust the system settings according to our own needs and demands. And the latter is crucial for us: a production management system has to be supporting and following, not leading.”