AgriSyst FeedMonitor

What is the AgriSyst FeedMonitor

  • Automatic exchange from feed-computer data into reports.
  • Available for dry feeding and liquid feeding installations.
  • Available for most known brands like; Weda, Fancom, Kamplan, TEWE, Smits, Hotraco, BigDutchman etc.
  • Daily reporting about actual feed intake, attention lists with deviating valves and practical department reports.
  • Weekly long term analyses for feed intake in relation to feed curve, occupation rate, trends as the relation between feed change and feed intake.
  • Historical feed intake per department from start until today.
  • Delivery planning based on Theoretical weight based on feed intake.
  • AgriSyst FeedMonitor tailor made on request

Return on data

  • Actual trends in feed intake and occupation rate.
  • The AgriSyst FeedMonitor will give practical information wich allow you to improve your efficiency
  • Automatic visual wich pigs determine your profit