Big data: is that really about pigs?

Big data: is that really about pigs?

Big data, information management, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning; words that we read or hear in the news almost every day. In our traditional agricultural business it will not run like that, we think. Such modernity does not occur in a conservative sector such as agriculture?

New data technology important for pig business

Nothing is less true. In arable farming, machines with GPS data, drones for assessing harvests and other modern techniques are already widely used. Some may recall that we were in the forefront of automation in the 1980s and 1990s. Computer-controlled feeding installations and air conditioning systems have existed for decades. At the end of the eighties it was normal for a farm to have a PC with sector-specific management software.

Data support the farmer

In pig farming, we are busy with big data and information management every day. Maybe we call it different, but our customers and other people involved look every day at specially tailored information, based on extensive data collection. To spend hours staring at data and looking at infinitely many tables and lists, doesn't make sense. It is crucial that the collected data is converted into valuable information in the right way. Presented in such a way that the user can make the best possible decision for the company with his or her knowledge.

Mobile devices, barcodes and practical software

To use data, you must of course record data. Something that has developed enormously in recent years. In particular through the use of mobile devices, electronic ear numbers, barcodes on charts and practical software. With this you can record more and more data with little effort. We have been demonstrating for ten years that our method of collecting and processing returns on investment.

Big data its about pigs and much moreā€¦.

As a pig sector, we are now facing the next challenge: joining the new technology. Our company actively looks at the possibilities. How can we prepare new techniques such as image and video analysis for our customers? Did you know, for example, that software can count the number of pigs in the group quickly and flawlessly by looking at a lot of pictures of groups of pigs? A technique that works better and more reliable than humans.

Be prepared for new development

Pig farming does not have to invent or develop new technology, but the technology is moving so fast that we have to be alert to apply it on time. A huge challenge that we would like to go with!