What is the AgriSyst SlaughterMonitor?

  • Automatic processing from Dutch and German slaughterdata
  • After every delivery a practical one page performace report
  • Monthly extended reporting and analyses
  • The reports are tailormade on customer request
  • You will see at a glance wich pigs determine your profit

Return on data

  • Actual trends in slaughter profit and health being acurate followed
  • The AgriSyst-SlaughterMonitor will give practical information wich allow you to improve your efficiency
  • Automatic visual wich pigs determine your profit

Testimonial Marc van den Eijnden

"All the information I need is on one sheet. The most important thing is seeing what the pigs have produced in a fast and easy way.".


Marc van den Eijnden and his brother Antoon have a 900 sow farm including 20,000 finishers. In addition, they have a trade company together. Marc describes AgriSyst SlaughterMonitor with the words: profitable, fast and clear!

"All the information we need is on one sheet. Here we see the delivered pigs per department, how many are too light and too heavy and the financial result. Previously, the information was often too complex, which meant it took too long to get the right management information. The most important thing is to quickly and simply see what the pigs have produced. Because we are informed immediately after every delivery, you see direct what went well and what we can still work on. Therefor we now have accurate information, we were able to increase the profit per pig by a few euros. "

"By using the AgriSyst SlaughterMonitor I can see exactly which mask suits my type of pigs. This can save up to three euros per pig. Every week I see in the monitor whether we are still in the right mask. In this way I never have to worry about this and we are able to earn money in the chain! "